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Goldman Sachs Blockchain

Interactive Infographic

Browser-based interactive experience for Goldman Sachs, that explains how blockchain technology works, and its current and potential uses.

The immersive, futuristic world was created by combining a unique visual language designed to represent components and processes of blockchain, with cutting-edge web technology. It’s the product of a very close collaboration between designers and technologists, constantly iterating and pushing the capabilities of web technologies such as HTML and WebGL to create a one-of-a-kind online experience.

It won two Midas Awards in 2018 (gold for website design, and silver for art direction), and was a finalist at the 2018 FCS Portfolio Awards.




The Challenge

R/GA was tasked by Goldman Sachs with creating a cutting-edge browser-based experience that would provide a clear, tangible explainer of blockchain technology. There were three main goals: The first was to simplify the concept of blockchain into an easily digestible narrative, making it the most easy-to-understand source on this technology. The second was to make it stand out visually and experientially from current in-market examples. And the third was to position Goldman Sachs as a leader in the blockchain space.

The Solution

My team and I created a next generation digital experience that truly immersed users in the world of blockchain by combining a proprietary and innovative visual language with cutting-edge web technology. The unique visual language breaks down and explains the complicated and abstract blockchain technology in the simplest and most straightforward way possible. The website is navigated via the singular action of scrolling, which moves the user through the narrative in the z-axis, placing them literally in the world of blockchain. In addition, the programmatic drawing and animation of virtually all visuals allow for an extremely lean experience that works seamlessly — regardless of connection speed.

The Results

By combining a refined, futuristic look & feel with innovative technology, the website was able to reach 1,716,337 people and kept users on the site for an average of 5 and a half minutes. This unequivocally placed GS as one of the leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Ultimately, the blockchain website provided a striking, innovative and buzzworthy experience that people talked about and shared, while creating an easy-to-understand and engaging guide to blockchain technology. It also elevated GS by positioning it as an innovative and culturally relevant brand.